1st Indo-Norway Workshop on Emerging Learning Methods and Systems, July 15-17, 2022, IIT Tirupati, India

1st workshop on Emerging Learning Methods and Systems (ELMS) organized as a part of our “Indo-Norwegian Collaboration in Intelligent Offshore Mechatronics Systems (INMOST) Project”, at IIT Tirupati during 15-17th July 2022 at the permanent campus. 

This workshop presents the basics of various learning methods, particularly, (i) Supervised Machine Learning (ML), (ii) Deep Learning (DL), (iii) Reinforcement Learning (RL), and (iv) Social and Distributed Learning. It also presents an overview of the application of these methods to solving various system-level problems in various domains like computer vision, automotive, and industrial applications.

More details about the speakers and the program can be found at .